Interaction Designer

Gesture & Arduino

Entanglement - Gesture & Arduino



I worked on this project with Interaction Designer Britt Williams in the spring semester of 2017. 


Sketching, Conducting Primary & Secondary Research (Intercepts, Precedents, Journey Map), Ideation, Storyboarding, Prototyping (Paper, Adobe After Effects Video, Arduino Uno), Presenting (Adobe Indesign, Keynote)


Create a playful, exploratory, human interaction between people through technology



Design Process

Communicating through technology can sometimes feel detached and not human. We set goals of creating a public interactive experience that would bring distant people closer together, and create a strong connection between gesture and digital outputs.

We began our sketching with human mark-making in mind, from footsteps, to gesture, to touch.




Our proof of concept uses a Hover 2.0 gesture sensor, an Arduino Uno, and two led matrices. I coded the system to read an xyz position above the sensor, and outputs a 4x4 circle of light in the corresponding location on the led matrices. We then created a scale model as an interactive display. 






Designing in discomfort

This project was an exercise in perseverance. It was our first time working with Arduino and we had many frustrating moments, wondering what piece of the puzzle (or combination of pieces) was preventing the system from lighting up. There is no greater feeling than being completely defeated, then pushing through the confusion towards that eureka moment (even if its as silly as an imprecise circuit connection). Together we were able to support and elevate each others knowledge, and find a solution that satisfied and delighted our users.